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Lehuula Farms is Pleased to Offer Farm Services

Wet milling & drying 

The coffee will have to be dropped off at Lehuula Farms, where then it’ll be wet milled and dried to approximately 11.8 to 10.8 % moisture and bagged. Then Lehuula will contact the owner for pick up. 


Custom Roasting & packaging 

The coffee would have to be dropped off at Lehuula farms early Monday or Wednesday morning to be able to have it roast the same day, if the coffee is dropped off later than 12 noon  it might not be roasted till the next day. Lehuula can do boulk roasting, or custom bagging whichever works best for the client. Lehuula offers bags for sale or the client can bring their own bags. 


Farm management 

Lehuula Farms is now offering Farm Management which includes pruning, selecting, grown cover maintenance, picking, CBB and Rust spraying depending on your needs. For more information please contact 

Lehuula farms  at (808) 756-1300

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