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Our Story

Founded in 1986, Lehuula Farms (pronounced (le'-hu-u'lă) is now the passion project of Brian & Amy Axelrod. After falling in love with coffee culture here on the Big Island, we decided to take on the exciting opportunity of learning coffee farming from the original founder of Lehuula Farms, Bob Nelson, who still resides on the property with wife Mae, in blissful retirement.

The farm itself is located on 3.8 acres in the Kona coffee belt with a stunning view of the ocean. Our 4,000 coffee trees grow under the shade of avocado and macadamia nut trees, where wild turkeys comingle with chameleons. Many of our coffee trees are over 90 years old, and like heritage grape vines, this age allows the plant to produce deeply complex and unique flavors.

Every coffee bean is picked, processed, and roasted by the dedicated hands of the team at Lehuula Farms. Brian is our chief roast master while Amy manages every order to make sure you are getting the freshest bean possible. Moral support comes from our two poodles, Maui & Sylvie.

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The life of a coffee bean at Lehuula Farms
From picking and processing to roasting and shipping, we do it all ourselves at Lehuula Farms. Enjoy this peek behind the scenes of how your coffee makes its way to you!

First, the beans ripen from green to red, at which point they are ready to pick and process.

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